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• Sheetfed 1 to 4 C/P
• Digital Color Print OnDemand
• Digital Pre-press
• Mail Inserts & Manuals
• Benefi ts Booklets
• Newsletters
• Envelopes & Letterhead
PRINTING (click to open or close)
We have facilities for both offset and letterpress printing. Envelope offset printing in one or more colors is available in-house up to size 12 x 18. Letterpress printing on larger sizes, on extremely small envelopes or on other items which cannot be printed offset is also available. Flexo printing during manufacture is another alternative. We can also provide thermography, engraving, embossing and foil stamping, four color envelope printing as well as sheet printing before conversion.
BINDERY OPERATIONS (click to open or close)
We provide many bindery operations. Your envelopes and sheets can be cut, folded, scored, flush cut, thumb cut, die cut, perforated, numbered, shrink wrapped, banded or tabbed. We can also have clasp, string and button, pressure-sensitive adhesive, latex or regular gum applied if required.
SMALL MANUFACTURING ORDERS (click to open or close)
In most cases, standard envelopes will fill the users needs. Sometimes a special envelope is required because of size considerations or because a particular stock or weight is needed. Sometimes a window in a standard size envelope or a window size or position different from the norm is necessary. In all such cases, the item can be produced to specifications.
CONVERSION (click to open or close)
Some envelopes cannot be readily printed after manufacture, either because of their size or the nature of the printing. In such cases, the envelope should be printed flat and then converted into an envelope. We can print and convert our stock or can convert your pre-printed sheets into envelopes of virtually any size or style, with or without a window.
When a standard envelope is manufactured by machine, a metal die is used, producing uniform contours. When a non-standard envelope is required, such a die may be made, but it is expensive and impractical except when large quantities are involved. In such cases, a machine-made envelope is adjustable-cut by using knife blades. While the construction will not be as uniformly rounded as a die-cut envelope, it will usually present no problem in printing or usage.
HAND-FOLDING (click to open or close)
Some envelopes cannot be manufactured by machine because of the size, quantity, construction or stock. However, these envelopes can usually be produced by hand. Generally, hand-folded envelopes are not quite as uniform as machine-made envelopes. However, a steel-rule die will be made to specifications, which will produce an envelope virtually as uniform as by machine. For small quantities, heavy stock, large sizes or faster service, hand folding is often the best way of producing envelopes
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